INSOL Talks Podcast

I was interviewed recently for the INSOL Talks podcast hosted by Dr Beth Stretton from QUT. We talked about how I got into insolvency law as an academic, my PhD studies on voluntary administration and career planning and project planning for early career academics. Thanks to INSOL for inviting me to be on the podcast.

You can find all of the INSOL Talks podcasts here

INSOL Talks Podcasts

2 responses to “INSOL Talks Podcast

  1. Thanks, Jason. We should catch up again, when circumstances permit.

    Until recently, I had virtually abandoned insolvency – due to other commitments. However, in my role as LCA representative on various committees of the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) I’m in the midst of preparing a submission as to which (if any) insolvency practitioners need to be registered as tax agents. So it is all coming back.

    Also, my son (Tim Castle SC) is currently doing an INSOL course on international insolvency. Not sure of the details, but he can elaborate.

    So we should all catch up in the future. In the meantime I will certainly listen to your podcast with great interest.

    Best wishes


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