An empirical study of voluntary administration

This year I finished my PhD (after 10 years of study!) which looked at whether voluntary administration provides an optimal regime for corporate rescue in Australia. I undertook empirical analysis by tracking almost 2,500 companies that entered VA from 1993 to the end of 2018. I also surveyed and interviewed stakeholders in insolvency and restructuring. With the PJC’s corporate insolvency inquiry underway at the moment, I thought that my thesis work may be useful for the inquiry so I have posted a copy of the final thesis below. I’ve provided a link in the submission to the inquiry that Michael Murray and I have completed to this webpage so that those who read our submission can find a copy of the thesis.

Michael Murray and Jason Harris, Submission to the PJC Corporate Insolvency in Australia Inquiry (30 November 2022).

3 responses to “An empirical study of voluntary administration

  1. Thanks, Jason and congratulations to you and Michael for the enormous amount of work you have put in to this area in general, voluntary administration and the current PJC enquiry. Very interesting to see what happens next and to keep in touch with this amazingly complex world.

    Best wishes



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